Grant Seekers

Guidelines for Grant Seekers:
The Charity gives grants to both individuals and organisations:

Grants are made to organisations that promote the welfare of individuals and families. The trustees intend to continue supporting the organisations that they have supported in the past and are not planning to fund any new projects in the near future. To save administrative costs, the trustees do not respond to requests, unless they are considering making a donation.

Important Note: Direct applications by individuals will not be considered.

Applications on behalf of individuals from invited, local, statutory and voluntary organisations are considered. To save administrative costs, only organisations in these categories will receive a reply. Currently grants are made via Crawley and Horsham Social Services and Citizens Advice Bureaux and other invited local agencies.

Grants are made on behalf of clients with the following problems – mental health, learning difficulties, physical handicaps, low-income families, single parents, the long-term sick – amongst other client groups. In the case of long-term difficulties, the trustees are most likely to be sympathetic to a request if the person or family on behalf of whom the request is being made, is able to reflect on whether there are any changes they could make to prevent the same problems reoccurring.

In the case of psychologically vulnerable client groups such as the mentally ill or those with learning difficulties, the trustees would like to know whether the client is being given support with budgeting from the statutory services and, if relevant, whether the client is able to make plans to avert future problems.
The trustees need to know the full cost of the grant needed, or in the case of large items (over £150), the contribution that is being requested of The Three Oaks Trust. Details of the agency to which the cheque should be made payable should always be included in the application. The grants made cover such items as basic furnishings, clothing, contributions to cost of washing machines, fridges, telephone connections etc. and small grants for educational purposes.

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